Dragoncon 2018 (Part 1 of 2)

Dragoncon. A 4 day pop-culture convention where 80+ thousand people cram themselves into a 5-block radius in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

This was my first time going and it was a euphoric, amazing experience. As a friend said, “It’s like being with 80,000 of your friends”, and he was right.

TV, Movies, costuming, molding, Space, gaming, paranormal, law, Sci-Fi, Anime, robotics, writing and a slew of other interests were represented through panels, discussions, photo shoots and more.

Hundreds of actors, actresses, artists and professionals from many walks of life were also present to teach, discuss, answer questions or gush over.

A big aspect of Dragoncon was the Cosplay. So many people dressing up in their favorite costumes that represented their favorite shows, comics and more. I especially loved the fun character mash-ups, creative and original outfits.

It was honestly the best time I can remember having.

Anyway, I tried taking a ton of photos and wanted to share a bunch here.

A new round

It’s been several months since I’ve done photography work. Things have been incredibly busy for me and I’ve simply made time to work on other endeavors. I do not want to give-up on my photography — it’s too therapeutic and fun for me.

But my return was met with upset. I had collected a vast amount of photos over the last year and through some irresponsible handling of the files, lost 620 RAW images. I do still have the .JPEG versions, but these really are not suitable to edit in any fashion and many photos I took were with photo editing in mind — so they simply do not look all that great as-is.

Still, I think I will at least share these as I start taking new photos.

This tree was taken at a local Golf Course that my Cousin took me too. I really wanted a natural landscape, but the angle I fell in love with came with the buildings in the back-ground. Had this been a RAW file, I think I could’ve edited this to look 200% better than it is right now, but I still like some of the composition and lighting.

Take A Step Back

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Where I’ve been

I’m very sorry I haven’t posted my “1 photo a day” routine. I haven’t had access to all of my equipment and can’t currently afford to keep my Adobe Cloud subscription going.

Take A Step Back

I took this at a very good friend’s house in Pennsylvania. Each year these plants pop up, even with their yard maintainance. They must be very hearty plants.

I had taken a series of photos like this in different locations that, to me, inspire urban decay or a sense of nature taking back the planet. It’s also reminiscent of post-apocalyptic stories like The Last of Us or Revolution.

Halloween Approaches

Click photo to view Hi-Res and purchase a print from SmugMug.

Halloween is fast approaching.

I haven’t made any photo trips in a little while, but I remembered this gem from last year.

This is Brooke. She does some costuming and is a blast to take photos of.

I wish I would’ve gotten more pictures of her, but the ones I do have came out great!

More Photos coming very soon.

First: Thank you very much for visiting my site, liking my photos and sharing them. Sharing my stuff is a huge way to support my work.

I just need to wait a little while to get my editors back. In the meantime, I’m still taking photos. Fall is a great time of the year for photographers.

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Pink Blossoms

Click photo to view Hi-Res and purchase a print from SmugMug.

I currently can’t afford my Lightroom subscription, but I did find what may turn out to be a suitable alternative open-source program called LightZone.

It will take a few photos, I think, until I can start really judging how I feel about its capabilities and output.

For instance: this flower photo I edited in LightZone. I’m not sure if it was my ISO or if LightZone was really rough on the image, but there’s a fair amount of grain in this photo. I still think it’s a great photo, but I’m not sure if that’s the program or how much of it might be the program.

Need funds to renew Lightroom subscription to edit photos.

I’m very sorry to report I won’t have any new photos to show for a short time. I’m too short on funds to keep my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription going at the moment.

Being somewhat “like” a person with ADD and OCD, this upsets me a little. It takes constant, non-stop work and keeping up daily and very consistently to even slowly get people seeing stuff, let alone building-up a sizable following. As an example:

I was getting 1K views per day on my SmugMug. When I returned from a 10-day vacation I am now lucky to get close to 500 per day, but mostly get 100 or less per day, and that’s even returning to my constant daily posting of photos. That 10-days away didn’t just hurt for 10 days. It potentially permanently set me back from many months of work.

Such is life in this business and the Internet – and everyone is subject to this; not just me.

However – you have to always be postive, look on the bright-side and utilize what you have to the best of your abilities.

If you like You can always help me out by buying a print or three from my SmugMug as well, but I should be able to afford to re-sub soonish.

I will try to still post some daily informative pieces along with perhaps some of my older photos, until I can afford to re-subscribe and regain access to my editing software.

Thank you always for reading my posts, and liking and sharing my photos!!!