Hello, My name is…

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Grab your favorite Japanese tea-cup, and fill it with some quality Earl-grey tea. Put on some zany, eclectic music, sit in your favorite spot, say “HI.”, and let’s have some awesome fun with photography.

Who am I. Well. I’m not a photographer – I’m just a guy with a camera. But I absolutely love photography. It’s relaxing, cathartic, puts me in a zone and just so much fun.

My name’s Jeremy Stratton. I will be fleshing out this site as fast as I can – including an ‘About Me’ page. For now, I’m not sure what I should say or how much.

I’m 41 years old. I fail quite a lot at trying to be a better person every day. I can be terribly shy and introverted at times, but then I can be a bit manically outgoing. When I’m at work, I can usually be very hospitable with a fine-tuned degree of social skills that help me navigate all manner of social and customer-oriented situations. I’m actually quite proud of that ability. It makes me feel good to correctly handle a situation, dispel hostile feelings or solve disputes, and adapting to a wide range of Human personalities. In my private life, I can be the opposite – naive, socially awkward and just kind of confused half the time.

I’m also somewhat forgetful which can be annoying to me and others.

I first bought a “pro” camera maybe 5-ish years ago. I can’t even remember the exact year, but it really hasn’t been terribly long.

I didn’t go to school for photography or take any classes. I just picked up a camera one day and the more pictures I took, the happier I started to feel.

I really love Blur, focus, Bokeh and depth of field. It really was uplifting to hear some positive feedback from family, friends and others that they thought I had a unique eye for focus.

When I first started, I had an acquaintance who helped answer early camera questions and recommended a book called Understanding Exposure, which has been an awesome aid. I literally started by turning everything I could think of to manual on my camera.

Once I had a basic understanding of Apeture, shutter speed and ISO I started going a bit crazy with photo-snapping.

I wear glasses. When I started taking pictures, I didn’t try to adjust or change the eyepiece or refocus the viewfinder or anything, but I don’t press my eye right up to the eyepiece or take my glasses off. I do a scolding librarian look – tip my head down and look through the eyepiece that way.

I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t want to change it… yet, because I think it is a part of who I am and plays into the kinds of focus I get and why I choose exactly the scenes I choose to shoot.

My right eye, up until this year, had 20/20 vision. It’s slightly worse now, but my current glasses have no prescription in the right lens. The left however is strong. My left eye isn’t the greatest. I think this somewhat plays a part in how my photos turn out.

I’ve also only recently started editing my photos. For years I just kept trying to take the best photos I thought I could and improve from my previous photos without any editing. Just getting the best base photos I could – which means a lot of things – not necessarily technically good, rated by some ranking system somewhere, but my personal favorites.

I’ll probably mirror this first post into my ‘About Me’ page, but please feel free to ask all the questions you want. I love getting comments.

I use a very open and giving Creative Commons license for all my photos. You can click the bulleted license title below.

Basically, You can share my photos all you want. I want you to share them. Share them like crazy! Feel free to download them, crop them, print them and hang them in your living room!

There are very little stipulations. You can read the details of the license by clicking the title above, but the basic two biggies are:

  • You can not sell them in any way. No making money from my photos – which I think is fair, acceptable and mostly a common-sense bullet-point.
  • Always attribute: Always give me credit – it doesn’t have to be part of the photo or in the photo, but along with the photo. No matter how many times it’s shared. If you shared from 3 others who already shared it, please still list my name and link back to this site. If you see a photo of mine, you should also see my name and link to my site.

Thanks so much! I know it sounds egotistical, like someone trying to police the Internet, and I don’t want it to cause counter-productivity for me by having people think “Ugh, now I’m NOT going to share this”. Because I want my photos to be freely shared and enjoyed like crazy!

I also have a SmugMug that helps make printing and purchasing high quality versions very easy if you’d like to not mess with trying to find a high-resolution printing service or want a very nice quality version of any of my photos.

2 thoughts on “Hello, My name is…

  1. I’m really glad you started a new photo blog and site. You definitely have an eye for what would make a nice photo opportunity, and you put in the time to get some really unique shots. I’ve always been impressed with the photos you have shared online and with me, and I know this is something you are very passionate about. Keep at it, Jeremy. You are really in your element here!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jeremy Stratton says:

      Thank you. I have to admit, It does many me happy in many ways, and I think that’s in part to do with how it also centers me metally. I’ll get in “a zone” and before I know it, I’m thinking back to my last outing and realizing I wasn’t nervous, upset, anxious, stressed or anything negative. It’s very cathartic.


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