Through the Reeds

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It has been incredibly hot the past week. And then, like ‘that’, it plummeted. We’re expected to get almost 20 degrees cooler weather the next few days. I guess it’s Summer’s last hurrah.

I took this on one of those hot, hot days. Luckily it was right off a main road. No hiking to get to this point, thankfully. It’s part of a series of recreation areas in Mogadore, Ohio. This one, in particular, is quite tiny, but well kept. It’s basically a parking lot, a building and a tiny dock-area for people who want to take canoes out onto the water.

There was an area farther away from the launch area that looked like someone had brought a canoe up to shore and took out some Cat Tails along the way – I don’t really know. It made for a nice little scene with lilies in the distance, framed by the reeds on both sides.

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