Magic Carpet

Click photo to view Hi-Res and purchase a print from SmugMug.

I thought this was kind of cute. My mother pointed out to me that it looked like it was floating in the photograph, and the kind of plant is known as Magic Carpet Spirea, or Spirea Japonica. It’s floating like a magic carpet! 🙂 Okay, that’s a bit cheesy, but still cute.

I really missed this – playing with focus and blur on flowers. I really have no singular, preferred subject matter. I love taking pictures of anything and everything, but I do get to see more noticeable blur, Bokeh and focus in compositions like this one.

Looking up the root(hah!) of this plant online made me smile, too. It is native to Japan, China and Korea. I have a special fondness for Japan and the Far East. I one day hope I get myself to Japan – if that day ever comes, I’ll need dozens of 32G SD cards, and about a dozen fresh camera batteries, because I will literally be taking thousands and thousands of photographs.

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