Among Soft Grass

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Pushing yourself without pushing out the fun

Granted I have developed some kind of abnormal, super-human love of photography that can make almost anything seem trivial by comparison, but I love seeing someone else’s photo and trying to create a similar outcome(even if the subject is different) or coming up with my own wild ideas and pushing myself to see what I can get from it.

Sometimes the outcome is nothing like what I had in my head, the outcome is something like what I imagined but just didn’t look good at all when I actually took the shot or I get a totally new result altogether that’s stunning and makes me smile.

Among Soft Grass

There was a more vibrant green and slightly taller patch of grass with thinner blades among the regular, mowed grass at Wingfoot Lake park in Ohio. Totally ordinary. It was just a slightly different kind of grass that was growing faster in a more moist spot of ground near a small pond. Other than that, it was just grass. I mean it was grass – the stuff was everywhere.

But I had seen some soft closeups on Flickr and wanted to try my hand at it. I found a small flower – maybe a really bright, prettier flower would have made the photo better, but I still love it. I had to get down on my stomach to get this shot. I also kept switching between auto-focus and manual focus.

I finally opted to take a few shots in manual and ever so slightly adjust the focus, hoping that the flower in the center was crisp in at least one shot.

I think I will try to recreate this shot one day with a more colorful subject in the center, but I still really love it.

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