When Nature Drives

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Obligatory ‘Old Truck’ photograph

If you bounce around photography sites long enough, you’ll discover the ‘old truck’ sterotype and it usually gets a bad rap. Well. There are actually lots of stereotypes out there, but they typically all started from some nugget of attraction or grew from an inspiration and positive seed.

It’s not that a photo of an old, rusted car or truck is bad. It’s just that it’s done a lot – ya know? And I think that sometimes bores people after awhile. But, I think there’s still a lot of beauty and ways to photograph vehicles, old and new, that can keep me coming back to them.

Just remember: they aren’t bad – just try and add a new twist to them once in awhile. But if that’s what you love to photograph then keep on truckin’.

Nature Behind the Wheel

There were 3 vehicles tucked way back behind a property next to my Aunt’s home in Mogadore, Ohio. Among some trees and lots of weeds and vines were 2 really old and rusted trucks and a third that looked like it was from the 1970s and possibly had been in an accident.

The two older trucks looked to be possibly from the 1930s. They were pickup trucks, but so different because of the front end and grills being from that very old era.

It was evening time when I went out to get some photographs. I also kept joking with my cousin how they had that post-apocalyptic, end of the world feel to them with nature taking over. They’d likely make a great scene in The Walking Dead or Last of Us.

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