Need funds to renew Lightroom subscription to edit photos.

I’m very sorry to report I won’t have any new photos to show for a short time. I’m too short on funds to keep my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription going at the moment.

Being somewhat “like” a person with ADD and OCD, this upsets me a little. It takes constant, non-stop work and keeping up daily and very consistently to even slowly get people seeing stuff, let alone building-up a sizable following. As an example:

I was getting 1K views per day on my SmugMug. When I returned from a 10-day vacation I am now lucky to get close to 500 per day, but mostly get 100 or less per day, and that’s even returning to my constant daily posting of photos. That 10-days away didn’t just hurt for 10 days. It potentially permanently set me back from many months of work.

Such is life in this business and the Internet – and everyone is subject to this; not just me.

However – you have to always be postive, look on the bright-side and utilize what you have to the best of your abilities.

If you like You can always help me out by buying a print or three from my SmugMug as well, but I should be able to afford to re-sub soonish.

I will try to still post some daily informative pieces along with perhaps some of my older photos, until I can afford to re-subscribe and regain access to my editing software.

Thank you always for reading my posts, and liking and sharing my photos!!!

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