A new round

It’s been several months since I’ve done photography work. Things have been incredibly busy for me and I’ve simply made time to work on other endeavors. I do not want to give-up on my photography — it’s too therapeutic and fun for me.

But my return was met with upset. I had collected a vast amount of photos over the last year and through some irresponsible handling of the files, lost 620 RAW images. I do still have the .JPEG versions, but these really are not suitable to edit in any fashion and many photos I took were with photo editing in mind — so they simply do not look all that great as-is.

Still, I think I will at least share these as I start taking new photos.

This tree was taken at a local Golf Course that my Cousin took me too. I really wanted a natural landscape, but the angle I fell in love with came with the buildings in the back-ground. Had this been a RAW file, I think I could’ve edited this to look 200% better than it is right now, but I still like some of the composition and lighting.

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