Commissioned Work(what I can do for you!)

As I expand my time and abilities, I’ll add to this page.

What exactly do I do?

I live in Northeast Ohio – N. Canton, Ohio to be specific. That’s my base of operation.


If you have any questions, you can email me at

Much of my work is art or fine-art photography and can be freely purchased at any time from anywhere in the world through my SmugMug account – click here.


Standard pricing scales have not been determined yet, but feel free to email me at the address above and we can work on personalized, commissioned time/work.

If you’re here, you already know I do lots of Fine Art Photography, but what else will/can I do?

  • Portraits; couple photos, family photos, kids and more
  • Cosplay, costuming and fantasy photography
  • Business and PR Photography


Young adults love getting couple shots for marking specific occasions, Valentines Day, keepsakes or just for fun. Whether you just want some photos with your boyfriend or girlfriend, casual and temporary or something more structured and choreographed, it’s fun to get professional quality photos done in an age dominated by phone-pictures.

Kids can be wonderfully photogenic and spontaneously strike a pose that melts your heart. Whether you want a shot of your kids, baby or entire family to mark an occasion or as a family portrait to hang on your wall, I can do it all.

Click here for more portrait examples.


Cosplay and costuming is extremely popular Nationwide. From small local groups to major conventions, people love to dress up. It’s not just for Halloween anymore. Whether it’s Civil-war reenacting, vintage, pin-up, cross-genre candids, character-specific or professionally choreographed, you can get stunning photos of your costumes and cosplay outfits.

Click here for more costume/event examples.

Business and PR

Own a restaurant and want some mouth-watering photos of your dishes for your menu, commercial or newspaper ad? I can also take pictures of golf-course grounds, buildings, interiors and more for your business needs.


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