Jeremy’s Favorite Flickr Photos

I have a small, but ever-growing list of some of my absolute favorite photos I come across on Flickr.

If you’re ever wondering what catches my eye, or what I’m attracted to or you just want to see more cool photos yourself, then you can check out:

My Flickr Favorites List

I tend to love soft, elegant and magical Oriental scenes, both indoor and outdoor.

When it comes to Black-and-White, I love stark contrasting tones. I also love detail. I just love tight shots of subjects – like a close-up of someone’s hat or the goggles on their head, or even the details in shoes an on rock walls.

And I just love scenes that speak of a deep quietness – something that has splendor and powerful humanity hidden behind the veil.

And I love fences. I don’t really know why, but I love fences – especially old, weathered, bent ones. They have the most character.


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