Delicate Summer

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Never ending experimentation

I believe there is forever an infinite amount of room in experimenting and trying new things in photography. There is something to be said about learning basics, structure and grounded foundations in photography, but there is also so much room to experiment that I think one could shirk the tenants of structured and educated art and photography for an entire lifetime, and produce marvelous views of the world around us.

Shining in the sun

I remember when I took this photo. I was still learning and teaching myself a lot about photography at breakneck speeds. I wanted to try anything and everything and couldn’t click the shutter fast enough.

I snapped this photo in front of my mother’s house with the sun in front(and to my right) of me, lighting up the stems and petals on the flowers.

Small Tree Trunk

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I had this photo sitting in a folder for a long time. I just didn’t know if I wanted to post it. I was unsure. In the end, I went back and decided I do really like it – even if there isn’t much to it.

It feels really elegant to me. It’s very vivid as well and I just love the focus and blur throughout(Something I always love).

This was taken at Quail Hollow in Hartville, Ohio (USA).