World Photography Day

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I actually had no idea. This post might actually be flagged as posting on August 20th, but th 19th is World Photography Day.

I wanted to squeeze in an extra post and photo, since I just figured this out.

I woke up before sunrise – while the world was still dark, and shot this in the early, colorful morning light at Springfield Bog in Ohio.

I was very tired, but later very happy I got up and went. The light was fantastic! I took many photos and may post others from this location, but need to review them – and there’s lots of them.

Bog Water

Click photo to view and purchase a print from SmugMug.

This was taken at the Springfield Bog in Ohio.

I took a trip out there with my Cousin. We took along our lenses and tripods, but I only used my 50mm lens the entire time. I never once switched lenses or used my tripod.

The Bog is basically a protected area that my cousin says contains certain kinds of plant-life that aren’t found anywhere else in the world.

This picture, however is just of a grouping of Cattails growing out of the smaller Bog people are allowed to walk up to.

I just really love the row of plants along the bottom of the photo and how they get brighter towards the top as the sun shines on them. I almost want to crop out the top half of the photos. I may do that to an alternate print. I really like the look.