Licensed Birdhouse

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Here’s a bit of “Americana” on display. I’m not sure when this got started, but for many years people have been “Upcycling” or repurposing vehicle license plates into birdhouses.

I seem to remember watching a documentary on using American Prison Labor for different purposes – one was a program that made handbags and purses out of old license plates.

Perhaps the License Birdhouse also came from the Prison sector? In any case it is a popular piece of American crafts and artwork.

I wonder what unique story and history this particular birdhouse has?

In any case, this was taken in Magadore, Ohio. It’s actually untouched – I did not edit it at all. This one has a Florida license plate attached to the roof. Many upcyclers may only use license plate for the entire roof, but it’s become as much an artistic piece now as it is a product to save on material.

I’m happy with how this turned out and, to me, conveys: America, Rustic, country – a kind of American charm that appeals to many.

Garden Sign

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this is definitely a more “practical” piece for show, selling and multiple uses.

This was taken at my Mother’s house in Ohio. She keeps a very well-maintained garden area. I keep telling her she could be in Better Homes and Gardens. It’s a really a beautiful nook with a swing, firebowl and swimming with flowers and plants.

I just felt this was a neat, symmetrical scene and wanted to see if I could make it POP. I think I did okay with it. My favorite aspect is how the light-purple flowers contrast with the green leaves and stems.