Festival Food

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Here’s another photograph to break up the stream of nature photos, before I get back to them. I recently went on another excursion to a terrific place seemingly hidden in the middle of a city and got some terrific shots of rock formations, waterscapes and more.

Black and white photography is something I love so much. I don’t do it nearly as much as I should, either. I love the almost negative-space-like quality surrounding the subject matter, but still having plenty of shades and depth.

French Waffles

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There’s a small, but charming and tightly-knit community festival in North Canton, Ohio. It feels so friendly and nice, like a large family that really gets along well together.

I was ill-prepared, but had my trusty 50mm lens with me and took some photos as the sun had all but receded from view.

I wanted a tight shot of this vendor and his cart. My aim was to show some culture in a very simple shot.

It’s at once comical – generic in a world filled with so many brand-names and advertising, shows hints of culture and manages to have some timeless depth to it(I think).

It’s also something to break-up the nature photography of late.