Garden Sign

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this is definitely a more “practical” piece for show, selling and multiple uses.

This was taken at my Mother’s house in Ohio. She keeps a very well-maintained garden area. I keep telling her she could be in Better Homes and Gardens. It’s a really a beautiful nook with a swing, firebowl and swimming with flowers and plants.

I just felt this was a neat, symmetrical scene and wanted to see if I could make it POP. I think I did okay with it. My favorite aspect is how the light-purple flowers contrast with the green leaves and stems.

Orange and Yellow Blooming Flower

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Some good ‘ole flower photography. Isn’t this a great-looking flower – big, hearty and beautiful colors!

If you know what kind of flower this is, please, let me know. I’ll update my Blog with the name. Thanks!

This was taken on the grounds of Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens where I took my Stan Hywet Garden Pond photo.

You can check out Stan Hywet on its website – it’s a really pretty place in Akron, Ohio with a huge house and really neat history.

Stan Hywet Garden Pond

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I took this photo a long time ago when I was visiting the Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens in Akron, Ohio. It’s a beautiful place with a fascinating history you can see and read for yourself at the official website.

You’ll probably start seeing me say this a lot, but I’m always unsure of just how I feel about most of my photos. I’d say probably 95% of the time I’m not perfectly happy with my photos. I tend to find little things about each photo I love, but as a complete picture, I’m never really content.

I took this a long time ago and I do love its symmetry and overall composition, but I would have liked to get the reflection brightened so it would POP.

Evening Garden

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This was at Price Park in North Canton, Ohio. This is actually where a resident’s backyard meets the park grounds.

It’s a lovely little park that is always very well maintained. It has two distinct areas with a walking path running the length of both and separated by a little bridge over a creek. The are I took this I call the “back area” – mostly a flat green, dotted with trees and the walking patch looping around with some residential houses nearby.

Whoever lives here has some terrific flowers and this fence/gateway in their backyard that comes right up next to part of the park’s walking patch. It’s a little magical, like a Secret Garden.