When Nature Drives

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Obligatory ‘Old Truck’ photograph

If you bounce around photography sites long enough, you’ll discover the ‘old truck’ sterotype and it usually gets a bad rap. Well. There are actually lots of stereotypes out there, but they typically all started from some nugget of attraction or grew from an inspiration and positive seed.

It’s not that a photo of an old, rusted car or truck is bad. It’s just that it’s done a lot – ya know? And I think that sometimes bores people after awhile. But, I think there’s still a lot of beauty and ways to photograph vehicles, old and new, that can keep me coming back to them.

Just remember: they aren’t bad – just try and add a new twist to them once in awhile. But if that’s what you love to photograph then keep on truckin’.

Nature Behind the Wheel

There were 3 vehicles tucked way back behind a property next to my Aunt’s home in Mogadore, Ohio. Among some trees and lots of weeds and vines were 2 really old and rusted trucks and a third that looked like it was from the 1970s and possibly had been in an accident.

The two older trucks looked to be possibly from the 1930s. They were pickup trucks, but so different because of the front end and grills being from that very old era.

It was evening time when I went out to get some photographs. I also kept joking with my cousin how they had that post-apocalyptic, end of the world feel to them with nature taking over. They’d likely make a great scene in The Walking Dead or Last of Us.

Among Soft Grass

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Pushing yourself without pushing out the fun

Granted I have developed some kind of abnormal, super-human love of photography that can make almost anything seem trivial by comparison, but I love seeing someone else’s photo and trying to create a similar outcome(even if the subject is different) or coming up with my own wild ideas and pushing myself to see what I can get from it.

Sometimes the outcome is nothing like what I had in my head, the outcome is something like what I imagined but just didn’t look good at all when I actually took the shot or I get a totally new result altogether that’s stunning and makes me smile.

Among Soft Grass

There was a more vibrant green and slightly taller patch of grass with thinner blades among the regular, mowed grass at Wingfoot Lake park in Ohio. Totally ordinary. It was just a slightly different kind of grass that was growing faster in a more moist spot of ground near a small pond. Other than that, it was just grass. I mean it was grass – the stuff was everywhere.

But I had seen some soft closeups on Flickr and wanted to try my hand at it. I found a small flower – maybe a really bright, prettier flower would have made the photo better, but I still love it. I had to get down on my stomach to get this shot. I also kept switching between auto-focus and manual focus.

I finally opted to take a few shots in manual and ever so slightly adjust the focus, hoping that the flower in the center was crisp in at least one shot.

I think I will try to recreate this shot one day with a more colorful subject in the center, but I still really love it.

Delicate Summer

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Never ending experimentation

I believe there is forever an infinite amount of room in experimenting and trying new things in photography. There is something to be said about learning basics, structure and grounded foundations in photography, but there is also so much room to experiment that I think one could shirk the tenants of structured and educated art and photography for an entire lifetime, and produce marvelous views of the world around us.

Shining in the sun

I remember when I took this photo. I was still learning and teaching myself a lot about photography at breakneck speeds. I wanted to try anything and everything and couldn’t click the shutter fast enough.

I snapped this photo in front of my mother’s house with the sun in front(and to my right) of me, lighting up the stems and petals on the flowers.

Magic Carpet

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I thought this was kind of cute. My mother pointed out to me that it looked like it was floating in the photograph, and the kind of plant is known as Magic Carpet Spirea, or Spirea Japonica. It’s floating like a magic carpet! 🙂 Okay, that’s a bit cheesy, but still cute.

I really missed this – playing with focus and blur on flowers. I really have no singular, preferred subject matter. I love taking pictures of anything and everything, but I do get to see more noticeable blur, Bokeh and focus in compositions like this one.

Looking up the root(hah!) of this plant online made me smile, too. It is native to Japan, China and Korea. I have a special fondness for Japan and the Far East. I one day hope I get myself to Japan – if that day ever comes, I’ll need dozens of 32G SD cards, and about a dozen fresh camera batteries, because I will literally be taking thousands and thousands of photographs.

Perfectly Imperfect (Wabi-sabi)

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There is a wonderful world-view from Japan called Wabi-sabi. Japanese culture has many wonderful things, doesn’t it?

Wabi-sabi is a bit about understanding and appreciating imperfection in life. The most striking characteristic of something that sets it apart; the “flaws” that show us serenity in nature and life; the acknowledgement of something different or out of place; how seemingly imperfect characteristics can teach a deeper understanding of beauty authenticity through uniqueness and being “off” perfect – are all somewhat the feeling and some of the ideals behind what Wabi-sabi represents.

If this flower were perfect, this photo would not be perfect.

Through the Reeds

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It has been incredibly hot the past week. And then, like ‘that’, it plummeted. We’re expected to get almost 20 degrees cooler weather the next few days. I guess it’s Summer’s last hurrah.

I took this on one of those hot, hot days. Luckily it was right off a main road. No hiking to get to this point, thankfully. It’s part of a series of recreation areas in Mogadore, Ohio. This one, in particular, is quite tiny, but well kept. It’s basically a parking lot, a building and a tiny dock-area for people who want to take canoes out onto the water.

There was an area farther away from the launch area that looked like someone had brought a canoe up to shore and took out some Cat Tails along the way – I don’t really know. It made for a nice little scene with lilies in the distance, framed by the reeds on both sides.

Small Tree Trunk

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I had this photo sitting in a folder for a long time. I just didn’t know if I wanted to post it. I was unsure. In the end, I went back and decided I do really like it – even if there isn’t much to it.

It feels really elegant to me. It’s very vivid as well and I just love the focus and blur throughout(Something I always love).

This was taken at Quail Hollow in Hartville, Ohio (USA).