Steal my photos! Please!

I have a motto:

Likes are liked. Shares are loved. Please, share my photo if you liked it. Thank you.

In this age of social-media – it’s still wonderful encouragement and a joy to see people liking my photos, but it’s awe-inspiring to see them share my photos. To know that they shared it and perhaps many other eyes are now going to see my photo – is just. Wow.

I don’t want anyone to feel apprehensive, shy or unsure about sharing my photos.

I have a very loose Creative Commons copyright called:

CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 (click to see it)

It basically says to give me credit(and a way for people to find me: I.E. a link back to this page) and you can’t make money from my photos.

But you can download, share, even chop them up into little pieces and use them in new art(with credit)

My DuBois Area Fantasy Photoshoot listing

Click photo to view and purchase a print from SmugMug.

I owe the organizer, Midian Spectra, a lot for giving me a place to practice and models to shoot. Until she came along and organized this event, I hadn’t been taking photographs of any people – mostly animals and still life.

And she gave me my own photographer listing on their new landing page!

Talent can be found anywhere in the world and it’s not restricted to the super-rich or super-famous and theirs. There are some great people in this group who are very talented and love what they do.

Check out the DuBois Area Fantasy Photoshoot to see some of my photos, other photographers and models and if you live in Central, Pa, maybe you could even join the group.