Gorge on Nature

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So. This is it! My new favorite photo! Yep. I am so happy with this photo. My personal favorite photograph that I’ve ever taken, to date.

Like my other recent photographs, this one was taken at Cuyahoga Falls, The Gorge Metro Park in Cuyahoga Falls, Summit County, Ohio(USA).

There’s a tiny, wooden bridge that takes you right over this scene on the lower trail at The Gorge, on the return trip.

I’m tempted to try a large print of this and frame it for my mother. 🙂

Ivy Fence

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Another shot taken at Wingfoot Lake State Park near Suffield, Ohio – home of the Goodyear Blimp!

This guy was seemingly growing out of a tiny corner above a steep bank between the water and a pavilion. This white picket fence had a lot of character and I loved how this more basic shot came out. I played for a long time with other shots and lighting to try to go for something more unique and “awe-inspiring”, but in the end I think I was just trying to hard. This simpler shot is the right shot – I think.

I’ve been trying to stay aware of when I might be trying too hard as I grow in my photography. It’s still such a personal thing for me, but I also realize the more I do it, the more I go out with other people, deal with time-frames and other limitations. I want to keep everything in balance.

Gnarly Tree

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I thought this big fella looked awesome. He has so much character and appears to have bent over as if to get a drink from the lake.

This was taken at Wing Foot Lake State Park in Ohio. It’s a really large, pretty place that I barely saw half of.

I think my favorite aspect of this photo is the bark on the tree. I just love the detail and colors in the bark – especially the oranges that show up here and there.

It puts me in the mind to try some black and white tree photography to try and bring out all the great detail in the bark.

World Photography Day

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I actually had no idea. This post might actually be flagged as posting on August 20th, but th 19th is World Photography Day.

I wanted to squeeze in an extra post and photo, since I just figured this out.

I woke up before sunrise – while the world was still dark, and shot this in the early, colorful morning light at Springfield Bog in Ohio.

I was very tired, but later very happy I got up and went. The light was fantastic! I took many photos and may post others from this location, but need to review them – and there’s lots of them.

Stan Hywet Garden Pond

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I took this photo a long time ago when I was visiting the Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens in Akron, Ohio. It’s a beautiful place with a fascinating history you can see and read for yourself at the official website.

You’ll probably start seeing me say this a lot, but I’m always unsure of just how I feel about most of my photos. I’d say probably 95% of the time I’m not perfectly happy with my photos. I tend to find little things about each photo I love, but as a complete picture, I’m never really content.

I took this a long time ago and I do love its symmetry and overall composition, but I would have liked to get the reflection brightened so it would POP.

Bog Water

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This was taken at the Springfield Bog in Ohio.

I took a trip out there with my Cousin. We took along our lenses and tripods, but I only used my 50mm lens the entire time. I never once switched lenses or used my tripod.

The Bog is basically a protected area that my cousin says contains certain kinds of plant-life that aren’t found anywhere else in the world.

This picture, however is just of a grouping of Cattails growing out of the smaller Bog people are allowed to walk up to.

I just really love the row of plants along the bottom of the photo and how they get brighter towards the top as the sun shines on them. I almost want to crop out the top half of the photos. I may do that to an alternate print. I really like the look.